I'm coming back to writing today just like Author Amanda Mininger, and quite frankly it's been too long. It may take a while to sort through all the flavors of the gumbo we're about to cook. Some of it tough to chew as fans of the game, but guaranteed to bring the heat. Between the…Read more JR: OCTOBER 9 17′


  It is no secret that children are the future of the human race. Protecting them must become priority one above other things valued in our society. Millennials are becoming of the age where we are seeking more responsibility status in the world. Myself included in this category I personally feel the need to attack…Read more BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK


Today's noise is thick with grime so vile A proper cleanse may take a while. If you've started from the bottom, think lower than that. Beneath the crust of the earth is where I am at. Helios has baked me an unwanted layer of silt. So pungent an odor would make a grouch wilt. A…Read more LAVA