It is no secret that children are the future of the human race. Protecting them must become priority one above other things valued in our society. Millennials are becoming of the age where we are seeking more responsibility status in the world. Myself included in this category I personally feel the need to attack this issue head on, not only because it affects us all, but because I believe we have what it takes to bring change.

Human Trafficking is the modern day form of slavery. Predators looking to generate profit prey on individuals who have limited to no family members, and those who are unable to defend themselves from danger. According to the International Labor Organization there are an estimated twenty one million victims globally. Sixty eight percent of them are trapped and forced into hard labor. Fifty five percent of victims are women, and twenty five percent are children. (ILO)

The problem isn’t just the heinous crimes committed, it is also the lack of involvement by the surrounding communities. When these abductions occur few receive the necessary air time to reach a wider audience. Too often does the message of an abduction fall flat due to disregard. If the victim is of little to no relation to those receiving the message, usually they express genuine concern but no action is taken. The lack of publicity coupled with no real plan of action towards bringing victims home to their families is a recipe I cannot stomach.

Because the numbers show that women and children are the most likeliest of victims, I’d like the share some tips that could benefit you in the prevention of such crime and what can be done to when the threat presents itself. According to Gordon Bottomley of one of the many hotspot locations of kidnapping occur around tourists sites (Vocativ). This is a result of catching unsuspecting vacationers with their guard down. These scenarios are dangerous because they are often executed by gunpoint and result in fatalities. To deter predators, those vacationing to unfamiliar areas should ALWAYS remain with groups of people they know. Never go anywhere alone and be sure to make frequent check ins with family and friends back home. In the scenario where children are abducted near their homes I offer similar advice. Parents may not always be available to monitor their kids when they are playing outside, but in todays world technology has advanced so much that a tracking device is no foreign thing. A simple cell phone app called mSpy allows for parents to track their child’s calls, texts, and allows for GPS tracking when the situation calls for it.

I, like many in Americans in society, have family that I would do anything for and go to any length to find. But how many members of the same society will fight as hard as me ? I want to be the change we all seek when it comes to this issue. As a community I challenge you all to tread beyond the feelings of empathy for families. Cooperate with local law enforcement and become avid partners when the time comes. Since we are all we’ve got.


What say you ?

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