I’m coming back to writing today just like Author Amanda Mininger, and quite frankly it’s been too long. It may take a while to sort through all the flavors of the gumbo we’re about to cook. Some of it tough to chew as fans of the game, but guaranteed to bring the heat.

Between the emission of greenhouse gases and scorching Quarterback play in the NFL, I’ve concluded that three in particular are key contributors to global warming! I’m setting the record straight once and for all —Alex Smith is no longer “just a guy”. You can’t even call him a game manager. He has thrown 11 touchdowns to zero interceptions and has helped the team to remain undefeated. Next we have my dark horse for rookie of the year award, Deshaun Watson. The team may not have a winning record now and may finish below .500%, but Houston has solved it’s QB problem with this talent. The last Quarterback is Carson Wentz. He welcomed the Arizona Cardinals to Wentzlvania by torching them for four scores on seventy percent passing. The rain had a better chance of putting this fire out. His Sophomore campaign has the Eagles leading the NFC East division so far at 4-1.

On the same night where a Chicago blaze burned for two days sparking the city into an infrastructural growth period, these teams have solid foundational pieces. Other teams can’t seem to contain the flames. The New York Giants football season collapses on two consecutive plays in crunch time. The first of which their best offensive player goes down—with what looks to be a season-ending injury—on an errant throw by the QB. On the very next play, the Los Angeles Chargers force and recover a fumble at the NYG 11 yard line. The Giants blow another fourth quarter lead in back to back weeks to add to the disastrous narrative.

New York fans can lean on the Yankees for at least a couple more days after they win a do or die game in the Bronx last night. Masahiro Tanaka comes through as one of the Aces in the teams pitching rotation. Allowing zero runs in a game that could have just as easily been lost. Same night former Yankee pitcher Don Larsen threw the first ever perfect game in the 1956 World Series. The crosstown rival Brooklyn Dodgers had the likes of; Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, and Pee Wee Reese, all retired in succession. The Yanks look to keep this years series alive Tuesday with a win.

The NBA season anticipates its earliest start since the 74-75 season, where Bob McAdoo won the years MVP award and helped the Golden State Warriors sweep the Washington Bullets in the Finals. Adam Silver appears to have answered the calls of the fans to do something about the quality of the product we consume. The league has eliminated the dreadful four games in five days stretch, which normally would require a team to travel to two or three different states. The new scheduling also reduces the number of back to back games teams play during the course of the season. We have the showdown in the wild wild west and the assembly of the process to look forward to.

Sports has been infiltrated by politics. The United States cabinet has done a remarkable job of making a game a focal issue within society. As if our double sided laundry list of problems contained how to deal with peaceful protests. I use the phrase peaceful protest because that is exactly what white nationalists in Virginia describe their efforts to be. The Vice President will not stand for players kneeling during renditions of our anthem, but is silent on neo-nazi groups vowing persistent demostration. Because it is historically significant, I challenge all readers to research the trail of the “Chicago Eight”. A case revolving around a group protesting at a Democratic National Convention where riots broke out. The point is ultimately, there have been attempts by the higher order to suppress groups with alarming messages. The verdict is still out on this clash on nationalism.



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