JULY 23rd

I’ve got something in mind, but tell me what you want

Are you into scented candles ? Are you into having fun ?

Do you like to hit the scene ? Are you on one ?

Would you like a home-cooked meal, I’ll get the job done.

We can get the baby oil if you’re into back rubs

Are you into Mary Jane ? Papers or Backwoods ?

If you’re not smoking on strong then juvenile back it up

I can tell you have a sense of humor, because I make you laugh

Does he make it desert dry, I could make it flash flood

Tell me how you want it and don’t be bashful.

Do you see the big picture ? Can you deal with thick and thinner ?

Do you reserve a brighter vision ? Can I kick it with you ?

Are you cool with the same old or would you rather something different ?

Do you ignore the hoes ? Do it with repetition ?

If you did the math right, realize I’m a one-percenter.

Are you a saint because I’m a born sinner

If it’s not a deal breaker I’d like to have you for dinner

Do you rock a size five ? Will you tell me lies ?

Does the shoe fit ? Can you read between the lines ?

If your legs like division then I would multiply

I would dead beat, but you know I’m not that kinda guy

Are you into laying up watching t.v shows ?

Are you into Egotistic’s ? Are you into average Joe’s ?

Do you keep your freak in the closet ?

Will it come out when I deposit

This loving proper in private

Mask off , no disguises.

Do you hate when lames try and get at you ?

All up in your DM’s being mad disrespectful.

Is your curve game strong ? Had to reject dude.

Know you have a slick mouth, compliments the attitude

And when you home alone, do you  photoshoot ?

And if you really wanna be viewed then send the nudes.

Trying hard not to get ahead of me, especially

When in front of me is pleasantries, I feel your energy.

Will you engage in telepathy ? Burn a bush for the remedy

Slow stroke is the recipe, that got you exhaling so heavily

Pedigree is longevity, for you I’d shoot the deputy

With the deadliest weaponry. Are you getting my melody ?

If the answer is yes, baby say no more.

Time to get into each other, build a rapport

Our chemistry is through the ceiling when we hit the floor

Would you implore for my return should I ever hit the door ?


What say you ?

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