It’s March seventh , and today I woke up to the most asinine series of questions I’ve heard since someone asked if I wanted seconds . Before I burden you with the query let me paint the picture of last night. The Houston Rockets got on the bus to San Antonio to face the Spurs , a great match-up against the current #3 and #2 seeds in the west respectively. What was an instant classic the game was close til’ the last seconds in the fourth. The Rockets were up 108 to 107 with thirty seconds remaining. Kawhi Leonard  possessed  the ball on the right wing being defended by the Rockets Trevor Ariza , a pick by LA switches the defender and now NeNe is guarding. The stones this man was blessed with made him forgo the easy two he would have gotten easily by driving past the seven-footer. NO , instead daggers for these guys , he must’ve thought. Kawhi pulls up and drains a three-pointer to go up two with twenty-five left to play. The crowd showers their new favorite hometown player in applause and admiration. What happens on the next series separates the meek from the cold-blooded killers. An arguable candidate for MVP James Harden of the Rockets brings the ball up , and everyone at home and in the building knows he wants to take the last shot and James does exactly that. What James didn’t account for was Kawhi’s voracity for consuming ball handlers on defense. Harden drives left and attempts a fall-away layup after his defender (Leonard) was screened at the top of the key. The screen was meek to say the least and Leonard hawked Harden all the way to the basket and proceeded to pin that tweet to the backboard. A very Lebron-esc block if I do say so myself , a heads-up defensive play from the back -to-back defensive player of the year.

Now that those who didn’t stay up past their bed time know about last night , let me ask you a question. Is it fair Kawhi Leonard to Michael Jordan ? I cringe every time I hear this comparison conversation comes up. Not because the argument seems infinite , but because no matter what your bias or your opinion it’s not fair to compare players who are active in the league to players who have already retired , been elected to the HOF , and established a legacy. How can it possibly be fair to Kawhi when he’s nowhere near done writing his story. He only has one championship in 7 years , but the caliber of team he plays for will provide him many more opportunities to accrue more. SO give my guy a chance to compose his symphony. What Kawhi is quietly doing has been something to revel in. His stats compared to others won’t ring MVP at the end of the season , but it is not to get confused he IS the most valuable player on a championship team in the Spurs. Let’s all just appreciate the years we have left of one of the many gems in the NBA. Don’t be a prisoner of the moment and fall victim to the pressure. He is what he is….GREAT.



What say you ?

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