Adrian Peterson has got a lot of explaining to do. I don’t do rumors and God knows I don’t do falsifying ! As self-proclaimed senior writer for the New York Giants the recent sentiments of the All-Pro running back have caused a bit of a stir in the cyber community. Now I will the first to tell anyone that you should never get your news from any form of social media but lets lay out all information that there is.

AP does enter the final year of his 3 year extension that he signed back in 2015. He’ll make 11 million in base pay and close to 7 million in bonuses. He’ll also turn 32 before the season starts which begs the questions of can he produce like the AP of old or even if he can play to the worth of his contract. Let’s assume that he finishes the whole season with the Minnesota Vikings and enter’s free agency in 2018 , there would without a doubt be a market for his services but how much would it cost. The New York Giants , after spending over 200 million on contracts to fix the defensive side of the ball , may not be the team that can pay him the most money but they do offer a championship caliber team. Something that AP has stated the next team he plays for will be a title contender according to the bleacher report.

Then there was this..


Now this tweet comes a couple days after the Giants released starting wideout Victor Cruz and starting running back Rashad Jennings from the roster. The move clears about 10 million in cap room but more importantly it leaves a hole in an offense that lacked a threat of a running game. AP would be THE answer to an offense that would shine in spots but sputtered and crashed way too often.

Needless to say the site of AP repping the big blue is a site to see and beneficial to both parties. AP needs a QB that can command and Eli is that superbowl caliber type. He also needs a threat at receiver that requires a safety over the top in coverage and that man is Odell Beckham Jr. With these pieces on offense , defenses have to decide who they are going to try and stop. Put the safety in the box and your cornerback is fish grease , and if there is less than 8 in the box then AP will rumble .

What say you ?

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