Adidas attempt to grab to the fastest player in this year’s NFL draft have fallen a bit short. The sneaker company on February 27th put a statement on their website that any player that breaks the long standing 40-yard dash record will be eligible to receive an island worth up to one million dollars. The statement below for you to read the fine print for yourself:

But I’ll save you some time and inform you that the parameters that the athletes needed to meet in order to qualify. The athlete not only had to time under 4.24 , the previous record held by Chris Johnson , also had to do it while sporting Adidas gear and then agree to sign an endorsement deal with the company lasting the duration of the 2017-18 football season.

Well this was the year that the 40-yard dash record would fall. Josh Ross wide receiver from Washington was the only conqueror of the feat , unfortunately he didn’t read Adidas terms and disqualified himself by wearing Nike cleats. This has got to be the biggest loss Adidas has taken the first quarter of 2017. In an attempt to gain a endorser and potential face for the brand they let the very person they spotlighted fall into the hands of Nike. After the record was broken by Ross Nike immediately took to twitter to troll their competitor by posting a picture of the very same cleat Ross wore with the caption “There’s only one option when you want to go 4.2.”

Instead of trying to coax athletes to get them to run fast with the promise of an island , how about lace all the players in the combine in Adidas gear. The NFL does have an active uniform contract with Nike , but it wouldn’t have stopped Adidas from approaching each player individually with pairs of cleats to choose from. Thus increasing their chances of their shoes being worn be the fastest guy at the combine. Hey , they might have even had a chance to get John Ross to sign an endorsement by offering Ross some time of incentive for breaking the record even though he didn’t endorse any Adidas gear at the time. BUT in the end everybody except Adidas won something in this years NFL combine

Now take a minute to witness the definition of speed:

What say you ?

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