All-star weekend is upon us and the best talent the NBA has to offer is on display. Among the cream of the crop lies a diamond in the rough , a player by the name of Derrick Jones Jr , of the Phoenix Suns. Mr. Airplane mode himself has been called up from the developmental league to participate in this years dunk contest. I have to admit before this month I knew absolutely nothing about this guy , and Phoenix is my team ! Like anyone else did when I found out someone from the squad would be representing I had to know what ability Derrick possessed. Immediately pulled the tape , and see for yourself why they call him Airplane mode…



This rookie is the epitome of hops. He obviously has to add some element to his overall game , reason why he’s in the d-league , but his leaping ability is not to be contradicted. The man jumps out the gym , you can throw the lob to the guy selling cracker jacks in the stands and Derrick will still throw it down ! A guy that ESPN compared him to his dunk contest competitors as having no dunks at the beginning of the month. A had a co-worker laugh at me when I stated Derrick would come away the winner , to which he regurgitated the ESPN stat , “You mean the guy with no dunks?” he scoffed.

Absolutely , that same guy is not only gonna win the contest but he won’t have a dunk rated under 45 points and he will not miss a dunk like many contestants before him have. The favorite of the competition has to be Aaron Gordon after last years fiasco of a sudden death round between him and three time champ Zach LeVine. Tonight the diamond will be unearthed and the Sun will shine brighter than ever.


What say you ?

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