Someone needs to slide me a vote because I don’t think this guy is gonna get the all the credit he deserves ! This man is THE single reason the Boston Celtics have been a playoff contender the past three years. BUT while we are not here to talk about the past , He is currently second in points per game (29.1). A straight baller shot caller ! Money in crunch time standing tall at a 5’9. You go look up the teams next best scorer and then ask yourself , where is the help ? Isn’t basketball played with 5 guys ? ENOUGH questions ! Isiah Thomas is the answer , the epiphany whom all seek to grasp, a man that is the size as the leprechaun logo that performs on a plane vast beyond the competitions. It’s HIM , not Russell Westbrook , not that guy with the beard , Isiah Thomas is your leagues MVP.

What say you ?

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