It’s inconceivable that Carmelo is being thrown onto the trade block as bait at the end of Phil Jackson’s reel. And every time a team intends to bite Phil jerks the line alerting the teams that something is fishy. It’s definitely not the play of Anthony that stinks , it’s the team as a whole that lacks depth and a front office that hasn’t quite solidified itself. Teams that want Melo aren’t willing to give up core members of their team. The Cavaliers reportedly turned down a trade that would send Kevin Love to New York and the Clippers can’t seem to get Melo connected with his friend Chris Paul. In my opinion which is worth exactly free.99 is that Carmelo Anthony should not waive his no-trade clause and force Phil Jackson to do his job. Which is build a winning team around the teams best player , which is Carmelo Anthony. Their meeting seems to have resulted in a mutual agreement that they aren’t seeing eye to eye personally and that they would both be better off in different settings. Carmelo remains steadfast that he wants to remain a Knick while Phil remains mute to the public on the matter, but is working 24/7 behind the curtains ready to hit Melo with the doorknob on his way out.


What say you ?

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