After 17 hectic weeks that featured the heckling of kickers missing PAT’s, a myriad of fines , coaches getting the ax , broken hearts and torn ligaments . The 16′-17′ season brought us Terrific Tom even though it was for only three quarters of the season. We almost witnessed the Cleveland Browns join the 08′ Detroit Lions in infamy narrowly escaping the year with one win. What did we expect though ? Right ? Two other teams with heavy hearts , the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. Both of whom were in the Superbowl last year. They are in the same spot as the rest of us Joes , watching the playoffs from the couch.

Congratulations to the 12 teams that did make the cut. Representing the AFC : The New England Patriots led by America’s favorite guy to love Tom Brady. The Kansas City Chiefs who came from behind to win arguably the toughest division in football. The Pittsburgh Steelers who’s offensive is powered by the 3 B’s. The Houston Texans are looking to be the first team to win a Superbowl as the host city. Da Oakland Raaaaaaaaaiders are back in the playoffs since 02′ , but they are without their star QB Derek Carr. Lastly the Miami Dolphins who are also without their stud QB Tannehill , its more pertinent that they will be playing their playoff game in below freezing temperatures. Representing the NFC: America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys lead by the hottest rookie tandem maybe ever. The Atlanta Falcons have Matty Ice and he hasn’t been able to break through to the next echelon of QB’s. Can he do it this year ? Next we have the Seattle Seahawks , they were prematurely crowned a dynasty after back to back Superbowl appearances but Seattle is still home of the twelfth man. Vince Lombardi’s Packers get to host another sub-zero temperature playoff game…GREAT ! They will matchup with my personal favorite the New York football Giants and if history repeats itself then we’ll walk out with a W. Limping into the playoffs are the wounded Detroit Lions. You mean that team that went winless that one time ? YES ! That’s the one , and they’re much better than 08′ but safe to say they are still a couple pieces away from a Superbowl. ENOUGH TALK TIME FOR PICKS !

Going in order our first game is Raiders v Texans in Houston at 4:25pm eastern time. And the Houston Texans will win this game simply because the Raiders are not at full strength heading into this game. Down their first AND second string quarterbacks Connor Cook (rookie) will be relied upon to get the job done. He’ll have to do it minus his starting left tackle Donald Penn , another big lost for the Raiders. Texans by 13 points.

Seahawks v Lions play the night time game but don’t be alarmed when you see the sun it’s just the west coast affects in the background. The Lions had every opportunity to host at least one playoff game but they blew it when they lost to Green Bay the final game of the regular season. They are defeated psychologically , and for this reason I am picking the Seahawks to win the game but the Lions will try to crawl back at the end. Score 30- 23.

It’s kinda hard to think the Dolphins stand a chance of knocking off the Steelers in Pittsburgh. These teams did meet back in October in Miami , South beach is so nice down there that time of year . Miami won the game 30-15 and Big Ben suffered a meniscus tear keeping him out for surprisingly only 2 weeks. Well the Dolphins put up a fight but not much they lose to the Steelers 13-23.

And finally the game we’ve all been waiting for ! Odell Beckham’s first ever playoff game ! These two teams seem to always meet in the post season. back in 07′ Tom Coughlin the then HC for the Giants caught frostbite in the face it was so cold. And again in 11′ where Eli Manning out dueled Aaron Rodgers. Both years the Giants went on to win the Superbowl. So its safe to say if the Giants win this game (which they will) they’ll win the whole shabang. GIANTS 17-10.

Stay tuned for the division round update ! Thanks for reading !


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