A new life is the only thing that can replace a lost one

And even when the body perishes the mind and soul still lives

Those within reach share thoughts and sentiments

So powerful it is impossible for death to be the end

Last year we lost so many of those we loved. I personally have never known what it felt to lose a close relative until my granddad past away a few days after my birthday. We weren’t as close as we should’ve been since we lived on two different coasts but that didn’t make me love him any less. I was hurt when his sister and my Uncle started bickering during his viewing. I lost my composure and shed enough tears to fill a Kleenex box. But what I kept with me was the many testimonies of how hard of worker he was. How he had to set the example for eight children who would adopt his work ethic. My emotions moved from sorrow to empowerment. I felt obligated to carry the torch and demand more from myself and to set an example for my future children. And this is why I am here.

This post is strictly a reflection on those that we lost this year and the impact that they have had. I encourage all reading this post to add to it by telling us about someone who may have impacted you or someone close to you whether it be minor or significant. The sports world mourns the lost of the greatest Muhammad Ali. I never seen Ali fight live me being born in 93′ and all so I can’t speak to how much of a catalyst for change. I can say that he made trash talk seem so effortless. It wasn’t arrogance when he called his opponent ugly , it was comical. He knew how to sell a fight but even better , he knew how to fight when that bell sounded. A true pioneer of the sport. Arnold Palmer , a guy so iconic that they didn’t just name one drink after him. They combined lemonade and ice tea together to call it Arnold Palmer. “The King” was destined for a tremendous golf career winning his first tour win in his rookie season. Palmer finished with seven majors . The U.S Open in 1960 , the Open Championship twice in 61′ and 62′ , and the Masters four times (58′,60′,62′,64′). Jose Fernandez past the same day in a boat accident. It was a bizarre because he was so young and such a good up and coming pitcher in the big league. Craig Sager the always colorful NBA sideline reporter was someone who when I first seen him on tv said ..”WTF is he wearing!?” At the time I may have been all of 8 years old and was still self-conscious about my damn self. What I didn’t understand was that here was a man who was so comfortable in his skin that no matter how he dressed he still wore a smile every time I saw him. Always cheerful even through chemo-therapy. His valiant has inspired all of us to fight tooth and nail to the very end and do it in good spirit. We lost Buddy Ryan and Pat Summit the same day and I remember ESPN being flooded with tributes to both parties. Now I know he’s not a sports figure but I have to include Prince. When someone told me that he past away I laughed in the person’s face because I didn’t wanna believe it. I add him because even though I cant sing all his songs word for word I will always remember how I first heard of Prince. Dave Chappelle did a skit on his Chappelle’s show where his cast-mate Charlie Murphy recalled a “true hollywood story” of a time Prince invited him over to his home to chill. All the while Dave Chappelle is playing the role of Prince and he gets into a basketball game with Charlie’s crew against his own. THE funniest skit I’ve ever seen ever , nothing that SNL could top hands down.

We remember and carry on the love that all these greats have bestowed upon us . And I thank God for blessing them with the gifts and talents to share with all of us. May they all rest in paradise.

Thank You.


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