The heels narrowly escape South Carolina with a win Tuesday evening winning the game 89-86 after a period of overtime. Joel Berry was absolutely sensational dropping 31 points shooting 63% from the field with seven made three-pointers . Kennedy Meeks had a double-double , crashing the glass tallying ten offensive rebounds.  The team as a whole played well enough to win but not nearly well enough to win a national title , let alone get back to the championship game. Down five at the half the tarheels struggled to get anything going offensively. The first half consisted of Clemson grinding out buckets making the crowd erupt. It is important to note that the gym was unusually loud given the fact that it wasn’t even full.

The second half s where North Carolina kicked it into gear shooting the lights out from behind the arc. Ultimately controlling the glass was the difference even though Isiah Hicks fouled out early in the OT period. The close win wasn’t the story-line of the game though. At the conclusion both head coaches Roy Williams and Brad Brownell go to shake hands and there’s a bit of a hold up. The camera catches Brownell the Clemson head coach visibly upset and can clearly read his lips saying “no respect”. Roy Williams composed pulls Brownell in and apologizes for what seemed to be his players behavior during the game.

Even if you didn’t watch the game anyone could indicate from the final score that the game was close. So that would mean neither team would have reason to show up their opponent right ? WRONG !!! Viewing the game on ESPN both teams benches are overlapped by the score bar and the live ticker , but you can see opposite the bench the sideline filled with Clemson alumni and current students. On a couple possessions North Carolina scored and swelled their chests towards the crowd. And on one Clemson possession in particular Clemson Forward Jaron Blossomgame pulls up for a jumper and you can hear the mic pick up a UNC player yell “hell no” to argue that his defense was so good that the bucket couldn’t possible be good. It wasn’t . As both teams go through the ceremonious handshake line after the game you do not see Brownell talking extensively with any UNC players but you can count on Roy doing so.


What say you ?

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