Meaning; you don’ t have to kiss ass or poke your nostrils in the shxt, but show love and respect if they’re calling the game correctly.

I.E: If you’re the ball carrier and the play is over, make it priority one to get my guy the rock. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE should the ball be littered. We don’t get the bag and fumble it. You wouldn’t drop an empty chip wrapper on the floor while the janitor is sweeping. Unless you’re the asshole who doesn’t care and is about to get flagged for it. AND don’t expect the calls to be in your favor if you are or engage in any of the following:




Complains serially

or 3rd String

Besides being terrible for the game (not backups we need and respect the support) the assholes of the world don’t deserve the sun let alone a camera for everyone to see.That’s a requirement for a whole different profession.



Meaning; I’d much rather watch an official miss a couple calls during the first 75% of the match (last 25% critical) than to hear the official’s describe a catch to me.

No seriously, I’m trying to watch the game. The officials focus should be making sure nobody’s cheating out there. “This guy is holding me!” “That’s a foul!” “#Deflategate!” Things of that nature. I pay to see the players play. I don’t wanna watch the ref hog up the jumbo-tron all day. I’d stare at a non-broadcast television for three hours if I liked stripes. I understand player safety, I’m totally for it and believe there needs to be an agreement reached among players to not blow each other up. But refs can’t protect players from concussions, but the players might be able to.


Meaning; it’s as simple as that. Being able to convey and understand messages effectively and efficiently is instrumental to ALL relationships.

Player-referee is no different. Remember that even though ya’ll are outside you should still use you inside voice. I.E My wife likes when I speak to her nicely and I love when she doesn’t fight back. Perfect Harmony.



What say you ?

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