It’s that time of year where Sunday service attendants opt to fly with the early birds in order to return home in time for kickoff. The Sunday’s are no longer lazy because football is back! Even though the league has issues to sort out, fans like myself are lit with anticipation. Every team has Super Bowl aspirations and everyone’s undefeated! The storylines that precede this ’18-19′ season; The legalization of sports gambling, how the game will be affected by the implementation of new rules, and more notably the anthem debate.

I do not believe sports and politics mesh very well, but since we have blurred the two I want to offer what I think is the answer to restoring faith back into the product of the NFL. I pride myself on my ability to adapt to the circumstances. Being flexible without breaking means finding common ground through compromise. No matter where you place yourself on the spectrum, all of us can agree that football is an agent that unites. Despite there being competition amongst divisions, my team versus yours is still us together. The fact that we can celebrate and represent our favorite teams and players, in light of rivalries, is what has always made America great.

The NFL is clearly unsure of whom is more important to cater to. It’s billionaire stakeholders, or the loyal shareholders. Ratings during last season worried some, while they were down slightly, the Super Bowl remains the most watched event on television. And despite the ratings trending downward, overall revenue grew nearly five percent. Which means all parties involved are important! This shows that the fans are still interested and invested financially & emotionally. Some forecast that may not be the case going forward if these issues persist. Which brings me to my campaign that I hope solves the concerns over the lack of patriotism.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, on September 9th must kneel when the anthem plays in exchange for the conclusion of all further demonstrations during this particular time of celebration. Allow me to elaborate. Besides showing the world he himself is capable of compromising in order to achieve a common goal, he will be acknowledging the plight of those less fortunate than himself. I believe EVERYONE for week one of the season should kneel to show a willingness to address issues in society that supersede the game.

From that point on, all efforts to highlight and fix the issues should be carried out with effective civil service paired with policy favorable to those less fortunate. A near-imposible campaign I know, but it seems like the only viable option at this point. The solution requires large ego checks and the separation of differing opinions. The gesture  should be followed by words encouraging all citizens to be free to express their opinions and ideas. It would unilaterally gain support from the players across leagues and would be willing to convert their protests into action within their respective communities along with the Presidents assistance.

Agree, or Disagree? Have a better solution? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, let’s discuss it further.


Photo by :    [Featured Image by Richard Vogel/Fotolia/AP Images]

What say you ?

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