Devin Booker deserves to be an All-star. BOOK IT ! Not just apart of the other weekend festivities that precede the big game (because he also deserves another shot at the splash brothers in the 3-point contest) . Devin is in just his second season as a pro leads his team in scoring averaging 20.3 points a game. In the Phoenix Suns international trip to Mexico City , Mexico he tallies back to back 39 point efforts against the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs.

Now we know age is nothing but a digit. This guy just turned 20 years old a couple months ago ! He’s not even able to walk into a bar , rent a vehicle from enterprise , or even adopt a child at this stage of the game. Yet he is making his presence in the NBA known that he is here and he plans on balling at a high level for a LONG time. A product of the University of Kentucky donning the nickname “Buckets” he’s done nothing short of put Spalding at the bottom of the net.  The dawn of his rookie season consisted much of coming off the bench playing behind fellow Wildcats Eric Bledsoe , Brandon Knight , and Archie Goodwin. His sophomore season he has progressed beyond expectation. He starts alongside Bledsoe , which I like to call the Kentucky connection , and now with the #NBAvoting for the All-star game fast approaching it is time to recognize the brightest sun before it sets.

Allow me to make the case for my man Buckets , ranks 30th in the league in scoring. The only Western conference shooting guards ranked higher: James Harden (28.6) , CJ McCollum (23.8) , and Klay Thompson (21.3). He’s not far off from these household names , not to mention Devin hasn’t played in as many games them. It’s just time ! Being thrust into the starting lineup due to injuries have accelerated Booker’s development. This exposure to playing alongside the greatest the NBA has to offer will only elevate his level of play. And let’s be serious… does Zaza Pachulia really deserve to be an All-star ? I rest my case.


What say you ?

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